Welcome to Your Quarter Life Crisis!


A quarter life crisis is defined as “a period of insecurity and doubt that many people in their mid-20s to early 30s go through surrounding their career, relationships, and finances.” This is what led me to start this site. My quarter life crisis sends me into a spiral of self help essays and motivational quotes. But after that, I am always inspired to go out and be better. It’s okay to live in despair for a moment, because feelings deserve to be felt. Just make sure to use that fire to build and grow into something stronger!

Because the QLC is a universal motivator,  I asked my friends what their quarter life crisis taught, pushed, encouraged them to do. Here’s what they said.

Move to New York, take a leap of faith, and stretch beyond my fears and anxieties.     – Dawn R.

Be my own hero. Ain’t nobody gonna save you from anything, so it’s a challenge of your own strength when you realize exactly how much power you do have over things… #ishowedup
– Chrissi B.

Come up with a fun password for my 401K login
 – Vinnie B. 

Get my shit together
– Daniella C. 

Do things I’ll soon be too old to do, while I’m still young enough to try
– Kaitlyn H.

Drink more wine
– Caity K.